Boat tour

We organize maritime and underwater trips to let you visit the sea of our beautiful Sicilian region and spend unique and memorable moments. You’ll be explained everything you’ll see and you’ll be able to enjoy a meal on board. Recommended clothing: comfortable shoes, thong sandals, cap, jacket, sun lotion, beach towel.

City tour

-City tour: If you want a better understanding of Catania, you may want to participate in the street-train tour which starts from Piazza Duomo. During the ride, a guide will accurately talk about the monuments you’ll see. They will show you the Baroque of the old town centre and all the point of historic and architectural interest. Alternatively, you can participate in the same kind of tour by riding a dedicated, yellow-colored bus.

Sicily tour

Departure at 9:00

Return: depending on the chosen destination.

We organize tours and customized trips around the region to let you visit the most beautiful places of our wonderful region: Mt Etna, Taormina, Isola Bella, Siracusa, Noto, Ortigia, Ragusa, Milazzo, Agrigento, Palermo, San Vito Lo Capo and much more!

-St. Agata celebration

the third celebration in the world for its number of participants (worshippers, tourists and bystanders). On the 3rd of February, people (even the highest offices of the city) respect the custom of making a procession to the “Cattedrale di Sant’Agata” to offer wax; in the evening, in Piazza Duomo, they hold the fireworks show, a magical and striking moment. On the 4th, the “Messa dell’Aurora” is celebrated and the bust relic of the “santuzza” is consigned to the worshippers, dressed with the traditional “white sack” kept tight at the waist by a section of rope. The procession goes on all day long: the relic is brought around the city to all those places where the martyrdom of the Saint happened and, in the end, with the first lights of the dawn, it is brought back to the On the 5th, they celebrate a Mess with the local highest religious offices: the relics of the patron saint is exposed in the cathedral and, in the afternoon, they entrust it again to the worshippers for the last route through the city; the walk uphill along Via San Giuliano is the most awaited and the most dangerous moment of this last procession. In the streets of the city there are many stalls that sell torrone and many other typical sweets, such as the “Cassateddi di Sant’Aita” and the “Olivette”. The name of the first, also known as “Minni di Sant’Aita”, refers to the breasts of the saint, ripped off during her torture to make her forswear her Faith; the latter refer to the legend according to which, during her escape from the men of Quinziano, she stopped near the praetorian palace to rest and to tie a shoe. In that moment, an olive tree appeared out of the blue and she could take shelter and eat its fruits. The procession ends in the late morning of the 6th of February.

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